Black Desk Pad

Black Desk Pad

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  • Beautiful Black! - Go for a modern, refined look, instead of plain old grey with our stylish baby blue desk pad! Goes perfectly with modern office or home office decor.
  • Why This Desk Pad? Our Non-Slip Design! - Don't settle for double-sided desk blotters that slide around on your desk! Our design has an anti-slip suede bottom.
  • Convenient Cable Organizer! - Tired of messy cables? Us too, that's why we added this cable organizer to keep your desk neat, so you can focus on work!
  • No Need For A Mousepad! - Our multifunctional 35 inch by 15.7 inch desktop mat is wide enough for your computer, laptop, lamp, and acts as an ultra oversized smooth mouse pad.
  • Waterproof and Easy to Clean! - Avoid scratches and stains from spills and other accidents with this desk protector cover.